Entrepreneurs: Persons on Challenging the unknown

      Entrepreneurs are persons who discover and recognize business opportunities and start up the new corporations. They change within the marketplace.
     They have been compared to Olympic athletes challenging themselves to break new barriers, to long-distance runners dealing with the agony of the miles, to symphony orchestra conductors who balance the different skills and sounds into a cohesive whole, or to top-gun pilots who continually push the envelope of speed and daring.  Continue reading


    看到散发的书香的《勇往直前:我如何拯救星巴克》,我为它的精美设计和翻译倾心,特别是因为它的舒兹的自传,所以比其它写星巴克的传记更有价值些。读后有些启发,谨记于下。这本书的英文是“Onward:How Starbuck Fought for Its Life Without Losing Its Soul”,By Howard Schults and Joanne Gordon, 这是霍华·舒兹和琼安·戈登所著,谭家瑜、叶有声译。台湾,联经出版事业股份有限公司,2011年4月版。 Continue reading